Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Justin Lim (14)

Leaders posses many positive traits that help them be better leaders in society. One of which is persistence. Every group has a goal that has to be reached, a good leader would do his/her best to lead the group to their goal. Having persistence means to overcome the challenges that the world gives you and only become better after facing the challenge.
Another trait would be confidence, several times groups may face people who are of a higher superiority. If the group is not able to voice out their opinion, the leader should have the confidence to voice it out. The leader should be confident enough to stand up for the group and voice out the ideas of the group. 
A leader should also be able to motivate his group. If the group is down or think they "Can't do it" it is a leader's job to help give the group some motivation. As a group can achieve more when they are motivated rather then depressed or feel like giving up.

In a crisis or stressful situation a leader should approach the situation calmly. He/she should first calm down, as it is easier to think when a person is calm rather than panicking. Next the leader should think about possible solutions, also if the solutions are cheap and affordable. If nothing comes to mind the leader could search on the web for some answers. After finding a possible solution a leader should check with the group if they approve the solution, however if they disagree and this is the only solution the leader should consider applying the solution. A leader should never panic whenever he/she meets a stressful situation or crisis, nor should the leader do nothing about it. 

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