Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Lim Jing Yi(04) (redone)

A good leader must have these traits:
- Honest
- Caring
- Confidence
These trait are what a good leader should have. Honest, because if the leader is not truthful, the group members will not be able to put their full trust in him/her. A good leader should also care for the group and help out if they have any troubles, personal or otherwise. When a leader is confident, he/she is able to lead the group well, because he/she will know exactly what they have to get done and will give exact and detailed information to the group, causing them to be more efficient in their work.

 A good leader when faced with a crisis under stressful situations will always keep calm and cool, and will proceed to calm the rest of his group down, not panicking and freaking out when everybody else is, and then give out instructions for everyone, including himself, to cope with and help the crisis. He/She will also be a good example by helping out with the crisis and taking up most of the workload him/herself. A good leader will never blame anyone for causing the crisis.

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